How does a tandem flight in Annecy work?

The tandem flight is a flight with two people: a passenger (you), and a professional paragliding instructorl, holder of the state paragliding certificate.

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  • We make an appointment together by phone (a few days in advance if possible).
  • We meet at our school shoplocated in Talloires, just in front of the landing field. You will meet our team and especially the instructor who will take you through this unique experience.
  • We will then all ride together in the shuttle to the take-off (Col de la Forclaz or Planfait depending on the conditions)
  • Here your instructor will equip you with a harness and helmet, he will then prepare the tandem glider and... all you have to do is take a few steps to take off!
  • That's it! YOU ARE FLIGHTING!!! All that remains is to take full advantage of this feeling of freedom and the view, very comfortably seated in your harness.
  • The landing is very smooth... a few steps, and you are back on the ground with your head still in the clouds.
  • Back to the shop, where you will be given a nice personalised diploma, as well as all the photos of your great adventure...

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Frequently asked questions :

Is there an age limit for flying?

Children can fly from the age of 5 (the important thing is that the child is willing to do this activity and weighs at least 20kg), and for seniors there is no real age limit; you just need to be able to run a few metres to take off and land. We have a specially adapted flight formula for children. This type of flight takes place in the mild conditions of the morning...

 Will I be afraid of heights in flight?

No, there is no such thing as vertigo in paragliding. To get it, you have to keep your feet on the ground and look down. It is an inner ear problem.

How should I dress?

This depends of course on the season and the temperature. As a general rule, you should bring: trousers (or shorts), a windbreaker, and trainers (or mountain boots).
It is always cooler in the air than on the ground, this being due to our constant movement around 35km/h in the air with our paraglider, and the altitude at which we fly (sometimes up to 2500m!)

Can I take a camera?

Each monitor is equipped with an action camera and will take several photos and videos (subject to favourable weather conditions). We will transfer them after the flight, directly to your smartphone. In order for you to enjoy your first paragliding experience at 100%, this service is included in all our flight packages.
Nevertheless, it is quite possible to take your camera to take pictures in flight, provided that you can attach it. It will be under your full responsibility.

Where will I take off from?

We have 2 take-off sites above Lake Annecy:

  • Planfait (960m), which offers a flight that allows you to play with the updrafts and also to gain altitude facing Lake Annecy.
  • The Forclaz pass (1250m), which allows a long distance flight, either over the surrounding high peaks to reach the school in flight, or over the lake, to land at Doussard.

The weather will help us to decide on the most appropriate place to start, as the two take-offs do not have the same wind direction, and the conditions vary according to the day and even the time.