The great flight, to go from one summit to the other!

We call it: the cross ...
This great tandem paragliding flight is done in the afternoon when the weather conditions allow it.
It is aimed at the greedy, those who want more, of the aerial hike to jump from one massif to another, to leave the edges of the lake to enter the massif of Bornes, or the Aravis, the Bauges... The more powerful thermals in the second part of the day, allow us to take altitude and to envisage greater transitions!

An incredible view of Annecy and its lake and above all the surrounding area, in short an unforgettable moment for people who have already flown in thermal, ascending or prestige flight.

Of course, the weather conditions must be right, but the lucky ones who can take advantage of it will live an exceptional moment. You will stay in the air long enough for an unforgettable aerial ride with a view of the Annecy region and to satisfy your thirst for flight.

Flight time: between 1h and 1h15
Realization: at 3pm
Public: aged 15 and over (from 40kg to 100kg)

Price: 220€.

Photos/video: offered

Conditions of access: to have already carried out at least one paragliding flight of at least 30 minutes, in a two-seater (baptism) or as a pilot.

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