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Here you will find our selection of Rescue parachutes for tandem paragliders. As with solo parachutes, your choice will depend on the type of flying you do.

the round two-seater rescue parachute : is the traditional rescue. Compact and relatively light for a tandem rescue, it's easy to pack. It's also the least expensive.
the square two-seater rescue parachute : It's the benchmark in terms of safety. More technical in its design, this 'new generation' parachute improves the fall rate and opens in less than 3 seconds. Larger in size, it will also cost more than a round parachute, and will require a little concentration when repacking.
the light two-seater rescue parachute : As a tandem rescue parachute is quite bulky, manufacturers have developed lighter, round and square versions to lighten the already substantial package of our tandem pilots.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find yours, and we'll help you install it in your harness when you buy from us.
Approval :
All paragliding rescue parachutes are subject to European approval. EN 12491To do this, they have to pass a number of tests:

- The opening time must be less than 5s,
- The shock on opening must not exceed 15g,
- Pendulum stability (observation from the ground of the stabilisation of pendulum movements), a parachute that is too unstable will be readjusted (and in any case, instability increases the sink rate...).
- Fall rate: after a minimum fall of 100m, the measurement is taken over the last 30 metres before "ditching" → Max 5.5m/s.

To ensure that it opens effectively, manufacturers recommend that it be re-bound every year. Tutorials are available to help you, but if you're not sure, contact a professional or a sail control centre.