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Samuel N.

Sam has already been with the team for 10 years! He's gone through years of being more of a crossover pilot, then more of an aerobatics pilot, with a few bivouac flights thrown in. In short, he enjoys all aspects of paragliding. He has taken part in the Roq'Acro, the Redbull Element, the Transdromoise and other cross-country competitions. Today, as part of the Grands Espaces team, he is in charge of the 'piloting' courses, also known as SIV. But you'll also find him on other types of course, from initiation to thermals.
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      Skywalk X-ALPS 5 Demo size 85
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      • Skywalk X-ALPS 5 Demo size 85

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      • We are selling our demo model of this fabulous Skywalk X-Alpes 5 in size 85+ in mystic white. The range of this size is 65-87. It has been flown about 10 times in the fall of 2022 on site in dry conditions. This wing is in very good condition, very close to new. An ultimate weapon for flying...
    • paraglider X-ALPS 5 :: SKYWALK
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      • paraglider X-ALPS 5 :: SKYWALK

      • 5500,00 
      • Efficient. High performance. Ultralight. Hike&Fly races require particularly demanding equipment: the glider must be able to fly for many hours in all kinds of conditions, show maximum performance and also be ultra-light and compact so that it can fit into the smallest of Hike&Fly rucksacks. The X-ALPS5 combines all of these criteria perfectly and has been designed...

The competition sails are aimed at very experienced pilots with a significant number of hours of practice.

Longer and more demanding, they offer exceptional glide, particularly in transition, even into the wind.

Thanks to a profile designed to make the most of the air mass, a Shark Nose which will reinforce the solidity of the leading edge at high speed and propel your glider, and a rear steering which won't impair its aerodynamic qualities, you'll be able to make your best transitions.

2-line paragliders are in. With reduced drag and increased speed, almost all competition paragliders are now equipped with 2 lines. This level of performance requires highly experienced pilots.

Cross-country paragliders are therefore benefiting from spectacular technical advances, more or less approved, but we mustn't forget that a good pilot performs well if the glider is adapted to his level.

Some demo enD paragliders are available to try out, book them quickly before the instructors leave with them 🙂