Gift Voucher : Updraft Tandem Flight


Enjoy the flight and even ask for some acro tricks if you feel like it!

The Updraft flight allows you to gain even more altitude...
It lasts 25 to 30 minutes and takes place every day from 1pm.
From 12 years old, for a person from 40kg to 120kg.

Photos/videos offered after the flight, under the condition that flying conditions allowed it.

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During the afternoon, updrafts may set in depending on the weather that day.
We are able to take advantage of these upward air movements in paragliding to gain height and thus stay in the sky longer.
On a 'good' day, these thermal updrafts can take us higher than the starting point!

Linked to the sunshine, we find these conditions mainly in the afternoon, and if the sun is present to create temperature contrasts on the ground.

An original gift, a voucher for a tandem paragliding flight over Lake Annecy...

  • - A birthday party
  • - A gift for Christmas
  • - A stag / hen party
  • - A wedding anniversary
  • - A mother's / father's / grandfather's / grandmother's day
  • Or just a desire to please
... for a guaranteed effect!

Come and discover new sensations alone or in a group!
Once you have placed your order online, we will be happy to send you a nice card to personalise. The gift voucher is valid for one year, but is not nominative.
Once offered, the lucky recipient will just have to call us to make an appointment for their paragliding flight.
And if you want to enjoy it at the same time, just book for 2 or more! As it is possible to book several tandems at the same time, depending on the number of instructors available at the same time.

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