Give the gift of thrills - an original gift idea!

If you are looking for theperfect gift ideaThe one that stands out and leaves an indelible mark on the heart of the person who receives it, look no further...
For air sports enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, offer a first paragliding experienceis to offer the opportunity to soar and flirt with the clouds. 

All our paragliding flights are available as gift vouchers:

FAQ Gift vouchers for a tandem paragliding flight in Annecy :

You can go paragliding from 5 years 6 years. What's important is that the child is willing to take part in this activity and weighs at least 20kg. (It's worth bearing in mind, however, that the child will probably have to remain alone in the shuttle without his or her parents for the time it takes to climb to take-off). We have a specially adapted flight formula for children: the Loupiot paragliding flight . This type of flight takes place in the mild conditions of the morning...

For seniors, there's no real age limit; you just need to be able to run a few metres to take off and land.

This activity does not require no prerequisites Our first paragliding flights are for everyone: the curious, children, couples or families. All our instructors have solid trainingwith a wealth of experience. They will share with you the magic of free flight in complete safety. You can even take off at the same time, for an unforgettable experience!  Our school and our team professional are  present all year round to show you the lake from the air.

Annecy paragliding gift voucher

The gift vouchers for first paragliding flights visit order online. We've produced a lovely gift card that you can personalise and which will be sent to you by post. by post to the postal address of your choice, once payment has been validated.

Depending on the urgency of the event, you can also choose a digital transmissionby e-mail. A PDF will then be sent to you.

Vouchers are not nominative and are valid for one year.

  • Because our school has been around since paragliding was first invented one of the first in France ! Unlike many summer venues, we are open all year round.
  • For our education tailor-made: that's our core business! Our courses cater for all levels: from beginners to experienced pilots, we organise tailored courses, staggered between March and November. Thanks to the expert advice of our experienced instructors, you'll be able to progress safely in your paragliding and continue to develop your skills in this incredibly exciting sport. To achieve your first autonomy, the early thermals. The first transitions, cross-countrySIV courseWe'll be there for you.
  • Because of our privileged geographical position: a magnificent training slope 800m above sea level, two take-off areas overlooking Lake Annecy, our training centre right opposite the landing area, gentle air conditions offering us good flight potential, the mystical beauty of the mountains, the proximity of nature, and above all because we have Gaël... (aka "Chaps").
  • We also offer the possibility of making tandem flights all year round. Paragliding is accessible to everyone! Our flying site offers an incredible view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding area... Even without fairy dust, you'll get an eyeful...
  • Our paragliding shop is one of the biggest TEST CENTER of France, and offers a wide choice of gliders and harnesses to equip you. Advance, Gin Glider, Sup'Air, Néo, Skywalk, Ozone, 777, Phi, Kortel and many others have placed their trust in us and have been our partners for many years.

Don't hesitate to take the plunge and join us for an unforgettable experience!

To satisfy all tastes, we offer a range of packages for first paragliding flights in Annecy:

  • Discover paragliding takes place in the morning, for a gentle experience (called "VOL LOUPIOT" for children). It's aimed at the curious, those who just want to get a taste of the experience, young children or people prone to motion sickness.
  • The ASCENDANCE paragliding flight is organised as soon as the first thermals are in place, at around 1pm, to start gaining altitude and extend the trip. This is the main flight, the one that gives the full dimension of a great paragliding flight.
  • The PRESTIGE paragliding flight will take place in the middle of the afternoon, to make the most of the air mass and set off on a magnificent tour of the mountains. An ambitious flight for those who want to extend the trip and go even further.
  • CROSS paragliding flight can also be done in the middle of the afternoon, for maximum height and thrills. It is recommended that you have already completed an Ascendance flight beforehand.

We fly all day longWe also adapt our packages to the air conditions. For example, short flights are scheduled in the morning (Baptêmes Loupiot/ Découverte), when the air is soft and stable, ideal for featherweights. Around midday, the updrafts start to build: it's the long-awaited moment for the longer flights (Ascendance)! We'll then be able to play around in the thermals and take you on a magnificent aerial tour overlooking Lake Annecy! We'll wait until the middle of the day to offer you more demanding paragliding flights (Prestige/Cross/Cross). Cross ++). The thermals will then be strong enough to allow us to get even higher...

If you feel like it, you can take your emotions to the next level by asking your pilot to perform acrobatic curves 🙂 We don't offer a specifically 'acrobatic' first flight, but depending on the conditions and your wishes, we'll be delighted to introduce you to aerobatics. Tonic curves will be performed on request, and never imposed. There's no extra cost involved, and the adrenalin rush is immediate!

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When should you give an Annecy paragliding gift voucher? 

Every opportunity is a good one to offer a moment of freedom and discovery. With a gift voucher for paragliding in AnnecyYou're offering more than just a jump: you're offering lasting memories and perhaps even sparking a new vocation?

Here are some ideal occasions to surprise with a paragliding jump

  • Birthday gifts : Why not celebrate a new year of life with a special event? first flight original? Offer a gift voucher for some minutes of paragliding is an unusual gift that will leave a lasting impression. 
  • Bachelorette party Before taking the plunge into married life, suggest taking the plunge... in a paraglider! An original way to celebrate the end of a young girl's or boy's life. 
  • Father's and Mother's Day For the adventurous mum or dad, or simply for thrill-seekers, offer a first paragliding flight is a powerful gesture that will fill him with happiness. 
  • Retirement What better way to mark this turning point in your life than by learning to fly a paraglider? A powerful symbol of freedom and a new beginning. 
  • Christmas gift : Under the Christmas tree, imagine the surprise of discovering a voucher for learning to paraglide or simply to enjoy an aerial experience over Annecy on a tandem paragliding flight. 
  • Valentine's Day For couples in search of adventure, a romantic weekend in Annecy with a paragliding jump will be a memory you'll cherish together. 

Tandem paragliding Annecy

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