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We are also one of the largest TEST CENTER in Annecy :  GIN , OZONESKYWALKADVANCE, SUPAIR, PHI, SKY PARAGLIDERS, FLOWare available for trial. Don't hesitate to come and test the latest wings and harnesses in flight!

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    Find your paraglider here, according to your level and your activity. Our partners GIN, SKYWALK, OZONE, ADVANCE, PHI, TRIPLE SEVEN, SUPAIR, SKY, ... have designed a complete range of paragliders so that you can find the perfect wing to accompany you in all your escapes... Year after year, the gliders are perfected to keep up with the times...


    The paragliding harness is often the first investment. It is your main piloting instrument, and the one that will follow you throughout your progression... The link between you and your wing, which must be perfectly adjusted for a precise, efficient and comfortable piloting. A choice not to be neglected. We offer at the shop...


    A rescue parachute is an essential part of your paragliding safety. Although it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended. There are different types of rescue parachute: round, square, ultra light... They're increasingly compact and lightweight, so they're easy to forget! Adaptable to all harnesses, they can be installed on the...


    Here you'll find all the accessories and small additional equipment you need for paragliding. Cockpits, carabiners, helmets, risers, footbraces, accelerators, windsocks, thermal gloves, guidebooks, relief maps... We've tried to think of all your needs! Harness accessories: The harness is often pre-accessorised when you buy it, but depending on the manufacturer...


    Communicating in the air? Of course you can! Without breaking the spirit of the moment, just to make sure that the wilderness follows you, here you'll find a whole range of flight instruments, big and small, to help you communicate better, with your friends or with the elements. First and foremost, radios will be invaluable allies when you're new to paragliding and...
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    Most paragliders are sold with a sub-bag (the compression bag), but without a rucksack. There are two reasons for this: - Economic: you are buying a paraglider, and only a paraglider. It will therefore be cheaper. - Practical: you choose your own paragliding bag, the one...

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