Samuel N.

Sam has already been with the team for 10 years! He's gone through years of being more of a crossover pilot, then more of an aerobatics pilot, with a few bivouac flights thrown in. In short, he enjoys all aspects of paragliding. He has taken part in the Roq'Acro, the Redbull Element, the Transdromoise and other cross-country competitions. Today, as part of the Grands Espaces team, he is in charge of the 'piloting' courses, also known as SIV. But you'll also find him on other types of course, from initiation to thermals.
Flow Paragliders
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      • With the Freedom 2, Flow offers us a B category wing for ambitious cross country pilots or simply for thermalling. Despite its ambitions, this wing is quite smooth to fly, stable in pitch and provides good confidence and passive safety. If you are interested in this wing, don't hesitate...

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