Who are Grands Espaces?

Our paragliding school has been recognised for many years by pilots from all over the world. Set up at the Planfait landing site. In Talloires, we are lucky enough to enjoy two take off areas to fly all year round facing Lake Annecy, renowned for its turquoise waters and proximity to the mountains...

Pele Mele3

We offer botheducation, to learn to paraglide, that first flights to give you a taste of the thrill of soaring through the air... Our centre is also a great paragliding shop which offers a wide choice of wings, harnesses and accessories, to equip yourself or just come and try... Test center for many years, many major brands place their trust in us and offer us a preview of the latest novelties.

How to find us:

150 chemin de pré Monteux
74290 Talloires

7 days a week by phone : 04 50 60 79 06
Email : info@grandsespaces.com

Our events :Gofretes logo

Every summer since 2018, the Grands Espaces team has been organising a Hike & Fly for fun" friendly race ("walking & flying for pleasure" for French speakers) The GoFrêtes. This friendly event is becoming increasingly popular, because not only do the great champions rub shoulders, but the waffles are delicious. (well, it depends on the year).

Our story:

Old Sail

The Grands Espaces school is one of the very first paragliding schools in France. The result of a collaboration with SUPAIR which was designing the first paragliding harnesses at the time, we were the brand's 'teaching' arm, and RIPAIR was the quality control part. Then the 3 structures became independent... and each decided to stand on its own two feet...

Now based in Talloires, at the foot of the major hang-gliding sites in Annecy, our school EFVL approved has always been keen to share its passion for free flight with you.

Our team is now made up of around fifteen state-qualified instructors. Mountain enthusiasts Our instructors love to play with the wind and are more often in the air than on the ground... Committed to their passion, they joined forces in 2021 to buy back their structure in order to preserve the family spirit that drives it.

Why fly with us?

  • Because our school has existed since paragliding was first introduced, and is one of the first in France! Unlike many summer schools, we're open all year round.
  • For our education adapted: that's our core business! Our courses cater for all levels: from beginner paragliders to experienced pilots, we organise tailor-made courses, staggered between March and November. Thanks to the expert advice of our experienced instructors, you'll be able to progress safely in your paragliding and continue to develop your skills in this incredibly exciting sport. To achieve your first autonomy, the early thermals. The first transitions, cross-country, SIV courseWe'll be there for you.
  • For our privileged geographical position: a magnificent training slope 800m above sea level, two take-off areas overlooking Lake Annecy, our training centre right opposite the landing area, gentle air conditions offering us good flight potential, the mystical beauty of the mountains, the proximity of nature, and also because we have Gaël (known as 'Chaps').
  • We also offer the possibility of making tandem flights all year round. Flying is accessible to everyone! Our playground offers an incredible view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding area... Even without fairy dust, you'll get an eyeful...
  • Our paragliding shop which is one of the largest TEST CENTER offers a wide choice of gliders and harnesses to equip you. Advance, Gin Glider, Sup'Air, Neo, Skywalk, Ozone, 777, Phi, Kortel and many others have trusted us and been our partners for many years.

Signatory of the EFVL charter (Ecole Française de Vol Libre), we are committed to offering you :

  • A team of qualified and competent instructors
  • Progress tailored to your needs
  • Quality services and logistics
  • A sports licence and insurance policy
  • Approved equipment

Don't hesitate to take the plunge and join us for an unforgettable experience!