Planfait flying site, near Annecy

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Close to Annecy, this free flight site at 960m altitude is set up for the pleasure of local and visiting paragliders.

More intimate than the Forclaz site, this small site will immediately propel you into the heart of the matter: green forest and summits within reach, it offers a wild and varied panorama. Open your eyes, nature is all around you! Eagles and chamois are also watching you 🙂

Site info :

- Direction: West
- Very well laid out take-off, plastic carpeted area.
- Thermal flight, cross country departure.

Flight conditions on Planfait :

The wind conditions for flying at Planfait are very varied: overall, the valley breeze is very often dominant and allows you to fly in all weather wind directions. However, you need to pay close attention to the following conditions:

  • Northeast wind The north-easterly breeze can create very turbulent or even dangerous flying conditions at Planfait, while at the Col de la Forclaz people are flying. In fact, in this direction the wind reaches the Col de Bluffy and the take-off is downwind. We then observe downwind passages on the take-off and sometimes headwinds. In these conditions, it's often a good idea to fly in the morning until 12pm or even 1pm. As soon as the signs of a north-easterly wind appear (tailwind on take-off, significant lift over the village but not in front of the take-off), you should abandon the flight. In these wind conditions, as well as in a strong northerly wind, you need to be very careful when landing, which can be turbulent.
  • East wind In these wind conditions, the take-off is often more comfortable and practicable than in the North-East. However, when we fly in the ascendancy, we must be very careful when we go up to the Dents de Lanfon and the Col des Frêtes. At this altitude, we are much more exposed to the East wind and the turbulence is much stronger.
  • South wind The site of Planfait is often very well protected by the Bauges massif and in particular by the Semnoz. Flying is often possible, but if the wind is strong, it can come in surprisingly well. It is important to watch the lake for signs of increasing wind.

Access to Planfait take-off :

The take-off is easily accessible:

  • By car : Allow around 15 minutes for the climb. Follow the Col de la Forclaz road. Once you reach Vérel, turn left towards the AcroAventure park. You'll arrive at a natural site in the middle of the forest, under the protective eye of the Dents de Lanfon. Here you'll find a quiet car park (for which a charge is made in summer), a refreshment bar, a preparation area for your equipment and a fully equipped take-off area (carpet, windsock)... so all you have to do is take off!
  • By bus In the summer, an eco-shuttle provides a free ascent several times a day between July and September.
  • A feet For the more sporty, a path from the landing stage takes you there in about 35 minutes. Come and see us at the shop and we will explain the way...

As we are in Annecy, because of the crowds, it is imperative to be prepared on the dedicated areas before moving forward, ballooning, on the take-off (see diagram).

Planfait Decollage

The Planfait landing:

As we approach the landing, here is a plan with some simple rules to follow, we are counting on you!

  •  Flying over the houses to the south of the site is prohibited.
  •  Respect the landing direction (PTU left hand over the ZA)
  • The area dedicated to the folding of the sail must be respected
  • Do not cross meadows to reach car parks or restaurants, as hay does not like to be trampled.

Perroix landing

The Planfait/Talloires site is managed by the Flying Chamois