Where can you go paragliding in Annecy?

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In Annecy, there are several paragliding sites offering extraordinary experiences. Here are some of the most popular sites for paragliding:

Col de la Forclaz

The Col de la Forclaz is one of Annecy's most famous paragliding spots. Located around twenty minutes from the town centre, it offers breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. It's a popular take-off point for tandem flights, offering ideal conditions for a memorable experience.


Close to the Col de la Forclaz is Planfait, another popular paragliding spot. Favourable weather conditions and spectacular views make it a popular spot for paragliding enthusiasts.


Montmin is another famous take-off site, offering magnificent views of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. It's a place where experienced pilots and beginners alike can enjoy exceptional flights. Technically, Montmin and the Col de la Forclaz are the same site...


Doussard is the name of the village that hosts the landing at the end of the lake.
This is generally where the two-seaters that take off from La Forclaz/Montmin land.


Talloires, with its unique panoramic views over the lake, is also a popular take-off point for paragliding flights. Local paragliding schools often use this site to offer memorable flying experiences.
In fact, Talloires (or more precisely Perroix), is the landing of Planfait's take-off.

The "plus" of Grands Espaces

Unlike most other tandem pilots who only operate from the Col de la Forclaz-Montmin and land at Doussard, we'll go where the conditions are most favourable for you, as we can take off from both Planfait and La Forclaz. We have written pages dedicated to the presentation of our flight sites.

On the other hand, when the conditions are right, and we choose to take off from La Forclaz, we try to get back to base, i.e. to the Talloires landing. This involves gaining altitude, which makes the flight more interesting for you (and for us!) than a simple glide to the Doussard landing.


These and other sites offer ideal conditions for paragliding in Annecy. Whether it's for a tandem flight Whether you're a first-time skydiver or a paragliding enthusiast, these places offer breathtaking views and unforgettable moments in the air. Oh, and we don't say "jump" when paragliding, but take off or fly, we'll explain all that to you 😉

Nutella Parapente

Flying with Grands Espaces is like Nutella: 35 years of experience will always make a difference!

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