Category: FAQ First paragliding experience

What should I wear for my paragliding jump?

It all depends on the season and the temperature. As a general rule, you need to equip yourself as you would for a short hike: trousers (or trouser shorts), a windbreaker and trainers (or mountain boots). It's always much cooler in the air than on the ground, which is due to our constant speed of around 35km/h in the air with our paraglider, and the altitude at which we fly (sometimes up to 2,500m!). Don't forget your sunglasses, they're more comfortable in the air...

Can I take a camera in the air?

Each monitor is equipped with a wide-angle GoPro-type camera, and will take several photos and videos of you (subject to favourable aerological conditions). We will transfer them after the flight, directly into your phone. So that you can enjoy your first paragliding experience at 100%, this service is included in all our flight packages. However, it is perfectly possible to take your camera with you to take photos in flight, as long as you are able to attach it. You are entirely responsible for it.