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To satisfy all tastes, we offer a range of packages for first paragliding flights in Annecy:

  • Discover paragliding takes place in the morning, for a gentle experience (called "VOL LOUPIOT" for children). It's aimed at the curious, those who just want to get a taste of the experience, young children or people prone to motion sickness.
  • The ASCENDANCE paragliding flight is organised as soon as the first thermals are in place, at around 1pm, to start gaining altitude and extend the trip. This is the main flight, the one that gives the full dimension of a great paragliding flight.
  • The PRESTIGE paragliding flight will take place in the middle of the afternoon, to make the most of the air mass and set off on a magnificent tour of the mountains. An ambitious flight for those who want to extend the trip and go even further.
  • CROSS paragliding flight can also be done in the middle of the afternoon, for maximum height and thrills. It is recommended that you have already completed an Ascendance flight beforehand.

We fly all day longWe also adapt our packages to the air conditions. For example, short flights are scheduled in the morning (Baptêmes Loupiot/ Découverte), when the air is soft and stable, ideal for featherweights. Around midday, the updrafts start to build: it's the long-awaited moment for the longer flights (Ascendance)! We'll then be able to play around in the thermals and take you on a magnificent aerial tour overlooking Lake Annecy! We'll wait until the middle of the day to offer you more demanding paragliding flights (Prestige/Cross/Cross). Cross ++). The thermals will then be strong enough to allow us to get even higher...

If you feel like it, you can take your emotions to the next level by asking your pilot to perform acrobatic curves 🙂 We don't offer a specifically 'acrobatic' first flight, but depending on the conditions and your wishes, we'll be delighted to introduce you to aerobatics. Tonic curves will be performed on request, and never imposed. There's no extra cost involved, and the adrenalin rush is immediate!