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Accessible and reassuring, the LEAF 3 is the ultimate progression wing. Its playful behaviour has been reworked compared to the 2nd generation for better performance in thermals and greater piloting comfort, even in turbulent conditions.

Approved EN-BThe LEAF 3 accompanies the driver in his or her progress with confidence thanks to a solid structure and a wide range of control travel. Tolerant and comfortableShe is the ideal teammate to discover new horizons in flight without ever compromising on safety.

Weight: 4.70 kg in size M

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Range Total Flying Weight (TFW) (kg) 50 – 70 65 – 85 80 – 105 90 – 115 105 – 130
Number of cells 49 49 49 49 49
Flat area (m²) 20.50 24.00 26.70 29.00 31.00
Wingspan (m) 10.44 11.29 11.91 12.41 12.83
Rope (m) 2.42 2.62 2.76 2.88 2.98
Flattened elongation 5.35 5.35 5.35 5.35 5.35
Projected area (m²) 17.22 20.16 22.43 24.36 26.04
Projected span (m) 8.17 8.84 9.33 9.72 10.05
Projected elongation 3.88 3.88 3.88 3.88 3.88
Wing weight (kg) 4.10 4.40 4.70 5.00 5.40
Approval EN - LFT B EN - LFT B EN - LFT B EN - LFT B EN - LFT B
Number of lifts 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Aerobatics No No No No No
Accelerator 130 mm 142 mm 142 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Trim No No No No No
Other adjustment system No No No No No


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About the LEAF 3

You are a pilot in progress, You have flown hours and hours with your school wing and you are starting to feel the limits of your EN-A? It's time to switch to a LEAF 3!

Designed to offer playful driving behaviour while ensuring a high degree of passive safety, this new generation of the LEAF line returns with an improved design.

Thanks to improved roll and yaw coordination, the LEAF 3's cornering is more responsive to the needs of the driver. intuitiveThe wing is more compact and has a more compact design. The wing is more stable on the roll axisThe LEAF 3 has a high degree of controllability, even in accelerated flight, so that you can concentrate on the really important information in the air mass. The large control range makes the LEAF 3 forgiving and allows the pilot to exploit the full speed range of the wing safely.

These elements make the LEAF 3 a particularly good performer in thermal flight with a comfortable and intuitive ride for improving riders. As well as being an asset in light conditions, this steering precision allows the LEAF 3 to take you far in your cross-country progression.

Switching to a LEAF 3 is a guarantee that you will continue your learning process with a wing that is fun and reassuring and that will take you far in your progression. It will teach you to refine your piloting while remaining forgiving. This is a wing that will give you many hours of safe flying fun.

Composition of the pack :

  • LEAF3 Sail
  • Compact Case
  • Steering bar at the rear
  • Pouch with repair kit

Ideal for progress...

The LEAF 3 is the logical continuation of a school wing like the EONA 3 or the BIRDY.

Designed for pilots who want to go further, this is an easy to fly and forgiving glider that allows for a smooth transition to more advanced paragliding.
The composition is designed for intuitive use with a clean line and simple, ergonomic risers so that you can concentrate on the essentials: flying.
Despite its high level of accessibility, the LEAF 3 is still a dynamic wing that is fun to play with.
The LEAF 3 is very responsive to control and performs well in thermal flight. It teaches you step by step to adopt a precise piloting style that will allow you to be more serene under your wing in all conditions: site flying, thermalling, soaring, cross country...

A damped wing for maximum comfort
The LEAF 3 benefits from a redesigned canopy for improved stability in the roll axis. This construction absorbs parasitic movements of the wing for optimal comfort, even in turbulent conditions.
The wing filters the air mass to give you the information you really need to fly accurately and intuitively.

Optimised design
The materials selected for the LEAF 3 are robust and durable. The line is easy to untangle for easy use of the wing, especially during pre-flight.
The LEAF 3 benefits from a redesigned leading edge. The air inlets alternate between two types of opening along the leading edge to ensure optimum internal pressure at all speeds.
The wide air inlets maintain internal pressure at low speeds, while the narrower openings ensure optimum profile pressure in accelerated flight.

Wide control travel
Thanks to an internal wing structure designed to minimise airfoil deformation, the LEAF 3 benefits from a large amount of control travel.
This configuration allows the LEAF 3 to cope well with low speeds, making its behaviour forgiving and reassuring to give you the confidence to progress in flight.



Supair is a pioneering paragliding brand, born in Haute-Savoie in 1979 thanks to the innovative spirit of Pierre Bouilloux and mountain thermals. Its common thread: the pleasure of flying, closeness to paragliders, excellence and teamwork. And they have never lost the thread. SUPAIR harnesses are inscribed in the memory of free flight. Their canopies are instinctive with a reassuring feel. The accessories accompany you in the air. The SUPAIR brand brings together designers, children of flight, and stratospheric imaginations to design outdoor products. Literally. We don't put on airs, we simply look like what we are: an efficient, well-groomed brand that is open to the freedom of the winds. Since the beginnings of paragliding, the brand has remained faithful to the creative and adventurous spirit of the pioneers, to facilitate access to the air for all new paragliders and to imagine new, innovative products and services. Everything had to be invented in the first Supair flights. Everything is still to be invented with each flight in our community.
The B are the most versatile. A wide range to suit most paragliders! In this category you'll find gliders with more finesse, aimed at both occasional paragliders and experienced cross-country flyers. Even if they are not officially under-classified, they will be called B-, B, or B+, depending on their reactivity.
  • Leasy B paragliders (enB-)They allow you to tackle the first transitions with confidence, and will react more quickly than school sails during pitch, roll and wing manoeuvres.
  • Paragliders in B are available as soon as you have your pilot's licence. The pleasure of gliding is now just a wing's length away :) They help you get a better feel for thermals, and tighten your core so you can fly efficiently from thermal to thermal. Most of them are available in a light version, with thin dyneema risers and lightweight fabric. This considerably reduces storage volume, so they can be slipped into the smallest of rucksacks to suit hike-and-fly paragliding, cross-country flying, or your luggage to accompany your travels!
  • enB+ paragliders are even faster and livelier. Typically cross-country, they are designed for pilots who are already attacking thermals and who have accumulated a good number of flights. The piloting becomes precise and dynamic, the maximum speed high, and you experience a real pleasure of gliding. Their finesse means you can hang up at the best of your transitions... Still enB approved, it is however recommended that you have already completed a pilot training course (SIV) and have compiled 50 hours of flying time per year to be able to use this type of glider. Fans of bivouac flying will also find what they're looking for in this range, as lightweight versions are also available!
As you can see, there's bound to be an enB paraglider to suit you ...

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