The paragliding experience in Annecy!

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Discover the thrill of tandem paragliding in Annecy

Tandem paragliding in Annecy offers an incomparable aerial experience, combining thrills and panoramic views of the Alpine peaks. This aerial adventure, supervised by experienced and passionate pilots, gives everyone a taste of the freedom of the birds, in complete safety.

Tandem Paragliding : A Unique Adventure

Tandem paragliding is the ideal way to discover the heights of Annecy in an exceptional way. The adventure begins with a meeting with a professional pilot, expert in the art of helping you discover the skies in complete serenity.

Preparation and take-off

Once at the take-off site, the team will give you a warm welcome and brief you on the flight. You are fitted with a comfortable and secure harness for the flight. The pilot explains the safety instructions and answers all your questions to put you at ease.

The moment you've been waiting for arrives: take-off. Strapped in to the pilot, you take your place and, in a few dynamic steps, soar through the air. A gentle climb takes you off the ground and into a breathtaking view of the Alpine scenery.

Exploring the skies

Once in the air, you'll experience the incredible sensation of floating above the mountains. The feeling of freedom and lightness is indescribable. Your experienced pilot ensures that every moment is pure ecstasy.

An Enchanted Descent

The flight continues with a gentle descent, allowing you to admire the breathtaking panoramas around Lake Annecy. Aerial manoeuvres can be offered for those who wish, depending on the weather conditions and your comfort.

The Soft Landing

The return to the ground is completely safe. The pilot manages the smooth landing, allowing you to relive the highlights of this incredible adventure.

Which package to choose?

There are several flights to choose from, depending on what you want, the time of day and your budget.
You can book by telephone on  04 50 60 79 06.

Offer a gift voucher

A paragliding gift voucher is an original and exciting way to give a loved one an unforgettable flying experience. It's a voucher that allows the lucky person to enjoy a paragliding flight.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Experience

In short, a tandem paragliding flight in Annecy is much more than just an escapade in the air. It's an encounter with nature, a unique experience of freedom and thrills. Book your tandem flight today to experience this unforgettable adventure and leave with a lifetime of memories.

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