Category: FAQ First paragliding experience

No, there's no such thing as vertigo when paragliding. To get it, you have to keep your feet on the ground and look down. It's an inner ear problem.

However, if you are prone to travel sickness, don't choose a paragliding experience that is too long, because we evolve in 3 dimensions. If you're not used to mountain roads, the shuttle ride up might seem more impressive than the flight itself! But the view is worth the effort...

The pleasure of flying takes over, giving you a thrill and a sense of wonder. Flying over the magnificent Annecy flying sitesYou'll feel the thermal updrafts, those currents of warm air that carry you up and make you glide, increasing the adrenalin of the flight.

Breathtaking landscapes await you, guaranteeing a spectacle that will fill your eyes. Whether it's one of our first paragliding flights or a more experienced one, landing after such an experience will leave you with unforgettable memories.