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A paragliding flight in Annecy is both an exhilarating and soothing experience, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, lake and mountains.

A tandem paragliding jump, or baptism, is a flight with two people: a passenger (you) and a pilot (you). professional paragliding instructorl, holder of the state paragliding certificate.

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  • We make an appointment together by phone (a few days in advance if possible).
  • We meet at our school shoplocated in Talloires, just opposite the landing field. There you'll meet our team and, above all, the instructor who will take you through this exhilarating experience.
  • We will then all take the minibus up to the take-off point (depending on the weather and aerological conditions, and the flight you have booked, we will take you to one of the two take-off points: Col de la Forclaz or Planfait).
  • Here, your instructor will fit you with a harness and helmet, then prepare the tandem glider on the ground... When you're ready to take off, all you have to do is make a short run across the lake!
  • That's it! YOU'RE FLYING!!! Now all you have to do is enjoy the feeling of freedom and the view from the comfort of your harness. The natural updrafts extend the duration of the flight, allowing you to admire the majestic scenery of Annecy.
  • The landing goes very smoothly... The descent is controlled and the approach is safe. Just a few more steps, and you're back on the ground... with your head still in the clouds 🙂
  • Back to the shop, where you'll be presented with a personalised diploma and all the photos and videos of your adventure...

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A paragliding flight in Annecy with Les Grands Espaces is a memorable adventure, supervised by professionals who guarantee a safe and unforgettable experience.