Individualised Progression in Tandem: This means YOU the paraglider pilot!

Have you not been flying for a long time? Do you need an individual coach to help you better understand a piloting manoeuvre? That's what the PIB is for!

During an educational tandem flight with an instructor, you will take control of the paraglider and remove the obstacles that are preventing you from progressing. Tandem flights help you to understand in real time what happens under your wing with the reassuring presence of the instructor who coaches you in real time...

We offer 2 packages according to your needs:

  • Formula STAGE GDP over 2 days
  • Formula Educational BIPLACE 1 flight time


This course is at the weekendover 2 days in Annecy. You will be in a very small group of 4 pilots for 2 monitors. This format allows instructors to concentrate on their trainees and to use tandem flying as a way of dual controls to bring a lot of driving techniquesof flight placement or analysis. During the day, a paragliding flight in thermals will be completed in tandem with each trainee.

On the programme:

Thermals and piloting. This is a one-to-one course with a reduced number of participants (4 Pilots Max / 2 Instructors).

  • Morning: Solo flights with flying exercises
  • Afternoon: Tandem flight "You fly! Debriefing and input according to level.

Price: €200/day

To register, contact us by email :


We offer you 4 formulas of educational tandem paragliders to give you confidence, piloting techniques and analysis, and to enable you to make really individual progress in paragliding. You'll have the controls in your hand and the instructor with you to advise you in real time on your piloting and positioning.

- BI-PERF: Progress at every level


  • Business resumption
  • Building confidence in the choice of investments
  • Flying exercises adapted to each individual's level
  • Discovering ancestry
  • Approximately 30mn flight
  • Price: €150 

- BI-THERMAL: Optimising thermal control... ever higher!


  • Active steering,
  • Optimising placements in the pedigree,
  • Optimising thermal management,
  • First transitions around the lake!
  • 2 hours of personalised lessons, including a 50-minute flight
  • Price: €180

- BI-PILOTAGE: Perfecting your piloting techniques


  • Piloting on the 3 flight axes
  • Fast descent
  • Discover the glide of paragliding
  • Leaving committed rotations
  • Introduction to aerobatics
  • 2 hours of personalised lessons, including a 50-minute flight
  • Price: €180

- BI-CROSS: Optimising thermal and pathways... going further and further!


  • Major transitions
  • Investment strategy and performance
  • Flight speed optimisation
  • GPS track study
  • 3 hours of personalised coaching, including a 1.5-hour flight
  • Price: €250

To book your training tandem, call us on 04 50 60 79 06