Do you dream of learning to fly a paraglider? The Initiation course is for you! We start here ...

Paragliding Annecy Alpes Introductory course 220

Through the theory and the practice you will gradually discover the technique and knowledge necessary to fly alone in a paraglider on the sites of Annecy. 
For 5 days, 2 instructors will be on hand to supervise you and guide you through your first solo flights.

From March to November, take the first step!

  • Duration of the course: 5 days
  • Period: March to November, mainly Monday to Friday.
  • Number of pupils: 3 to 7

Cycle 1 Monos For beginners

On the programme:

THE 5-DAY FORMULA: Monday to Friday 

The first 3 mornings are devoted to floor exercises The afternoon is dedicated to theory, presentation of your equipment (harness...) and your future playgrounds (the different sites you'll be using). The afternoon is given over to theory, a presentation of your equipment (harness, etc.) and your future playgrounds (the different sites you'll be using).

The Day 4We'll take you on a journey to put all this into practice by making you realise your first solo paragliding flight ! A Planfait or the Forclaz Depending on the weather, 2 instructors will assist you individually during take-off and landing, and guide you by radio. The rest of your training alternates between paragliding flights, theory lessons (aerology, approach techniques, etc.) and ground inflation exercises to improve the handling of your wing.


This is (as the name suggests) an introductory paragliding course divided into 3 consecutive weekends :

    • The first 2-day session (Saturday & Sunday) will be devoted to the school slope in the morning, and to lessons in the afternoon.
    • The second session will lead you to the first big flights: back to the school slope to check the right gestures, then flights the next morning in mild conditions.
    • The following weekend will be a continuation of your training: flights in the morning and theory/inflation in the afternoon.

Introductory course prices


5-day course   720€
Course 2 + 2 + 2 Days (3 weekends)   820€
Discovery Day   210€
Student or GROUP DISCOUNT (from 5 people)   -10%
5-day YOUTH DISCOUNT (under 18s) (also valid for cars)   -17€


FAQ paragliding courses in Annecy :

Every paraglider has to compulsory third-party insurance which covers any damage caused to others. As an EFVL-FFVL approved school, our students must also take out a licence, which includes this compulsory insurance. This insurance is valid throughout the calendar year, and is renewed in the autumn.



There are several options available to you, depending on how much you practice:

  • FFVL student insurance for 9 days : Ideal for your first paragliding course, you will only be covered in a FFVL-approved school. This insurance will not cover you if you wish to fly solo, i.e. outside a paragliding school. Days can be taken non-consecutively.
  • FFVL annual student insurance : affordable annual package, which only covers you when you are supervised by an FFVL structure. However, if you want to fly on your own during the year, you can top up your cover and take out annual "Flying" insurance.
  • FFVL "First-time licence holder" insurance The FFVL is offering you a special price for your very first annual licence. Obviously not renewable. You'll be insured all year round, for solo or supervised flights.
  • FFVL "Flying" insurance: This is the classic annual insurance for independent pilots.

Note: each time you take out a licence, you will need to choose a paragliding club to join. Take a paragliding club near you so you can play your part!


Below is a list of accommodation close to our paragliding school in Talloires. The list is not exhaustive ... you can choose between campsites, hotels, gites, ...

Accommodation map


  • Because our school has been around since paragliding was first invented one of the first in France ! Unlike many summer venues, we are open all year round.
  • For our education tailor-made: that's our core business! Our courses cater for all levels: from beginners to experienced pilots, we organise tailored courses, staggered between March and November. Thanks to the expert advice of our experienced instructors, you'll be able to progress safely in your paragliding and continue to develop your skills in this incredibly exciting sport. To achieve your first autonomy, the early thermals. The first transitions, cross-countrySIV courseWe'll be there for you.
  • Because of our privileged geographical position: a magnificent training slope 800m above sea level, two take-off areas overlooking Lake Annecy, our training centre right opposite the landing area, gentle air conditions offering us good flight potential, the mystical beauty of the mountains, the proximity of nature, and above all because we have Gaël... (aka "Chaps").
  • We also offer the possibility of making tandem flights all year round. Paragliding is accessible to everyone! Our flying site offers an incredible view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding area... Even without fairy dust, you'll get an eyeful...
  • Our paragliding shop is one of the biggest TEST CENTER of France, and offers a wide choice of gliders and harnesses to equip you. Advance, Gin Glider, Sup'Air, Néo, Skywalk, Ozone, 777, Phi, Kortel and many others have placed their trust in us and have been our partners for many years.

Don't hesitate to take the plunge and join us for an unforgettable experience!

  • management by 1 or 2 monitors State graduates according to the level of the course
  • the shuttle journeys linking the various flying sites to our school
  • approved helmet and charged radio
  • paragliding equipment is optional, EXCEPT for the INITIATION course 

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, Paraglider sails and harnesses are systematically provided in our Introductory courses.. To make it easier for you to learn and progress, our equipment is regularly renewed. So you work with the latest equipment, which is more comfortable for you and for us!

Paraglider wing, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, charged radio. This equipment is recent, approved and adapted to your size.

  • lunches (meals are shared at nearby snack bars, but you are welcome to bring your own picnic)
  • FFVL licence insurance (about 50€ for 9 days, forms are available on request) here).
  • accommodation (you'll find a list of possible accommodation options at here)

The practice of free flight is closely linked to weather conditions. We are therefore making a weather briefing a few days before the start of each course. Once your online booking has been validated, a confirmation of feasibility will be sent to you 2 or 3 days before.

  • In the event of bad weather on a given dayIn this course, you will be given the theory you need to learn to paraglide (how to draw up a flight plan, weather conditions, rules of the road, etc.), as well as practical lessons on your equipment (correct positioning in the harness, effective stances, sitting up after take-off, etc.).
  • But if the firedamp takes hold and that your instructors decide to cancel a dayThis will not be invoiced. As payment for the course is made at the end of the week, we will be able to deduct it on a pro rata basis.

But don't worry, your paragliding course will last 5 days. It's very rare for it to rain for 5 days in a row in our region... We're lucky to be protected by the mountains, and the Annecy basin is known for its year-round flying.