Weekend paragliding trip "It looks like the South" ...

Paragliding South Travel Course

A trip to "LES GRANDS ESPACES" in partnership with the travel agency "Natures du monde".

Dates 2024: From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 September!

Want to discover new flight sites Do you want to experience the incredible thrills of paragliding while continuing to progress, thanks to the guidance of experienced instructors? Then this is the course for you! The flight sites of the Southern Alps are waiting for us with their autumnal conditions, often mild but still thermal at this time of year. As with all our paragliding courses, the content will be tailored to each pilot's level and expectations. A three-day tour of the South of France in a good atmosphere: soaring, diving or thermalling, preferably in the Southern Alps.

The destination will be decided by the instructors so as to be in the best place to fly and have fun, depending on the weather conditions.

In the event of very bad weather in the South, the course can be held in another region of France (with a maximum 6-hour drive to reach the chosen venue).

This course is aimed at pilots who are at least Autonomous in calm conditions (Brevet initial or equivalent level). Thermal or cross-country level also suitable.

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Paragliding Saint Vincent Les Forts South course

On the programme for this course:

Day 1:
Final weather check to confirm the flying area, then contact with all the pilots
to give the next morning's appointment time.
Day 1 :
Departure from Les Grands Espaces school between 4.30 and 8.30 am, depending on the distance to the course venue.
Arrival at the flying site during the day for the first flights. Several sites can be flown on the same day, depending on the weather conditions, perhaps with a site chosen on the way to cut the route in half.
At the end of the day, we'll head back to our chosen sleeping area for a debriefing, meal and preparation for the next day.
Day 2 :
It's off for another day of training, the idea being to make the most of the possible flying sites depending on the aerological possibilities. After a good breakfast, a briefing (with the daily setting up of the individual programme for each pilot), we'll set off to discover the best spots. We'll be self-sufficient with our minibus and will generally be out for the whole day. Lunch will be a picnic in the field. If conditions dictate, we will change location to find the best place to continue this course and fly in the best possible conditions.
Day 3 :
Similar to previous days, flights during the day, either on site or on the way back to Talloires, depending on weather conditions.
Return to our school between 6pm and 11pm.

On-site organisation :

A 9-seater minibus driven by the instructors will be available for this course. A second vehicle will be provided if there are more than 7 trainees (training a second group of trainees with the same programme). In this case, there will be 4 qualified instructors. These minibuses will enable us to get to the various flight locations, restaurants and accommodation throughout the course. In order to adapt to the level and expectations of each pilot, the two minibuses may have a slightly different programme in terms of flight locations and times. We will then meet up again to spend the evening and night together.

Accommodation will be in the form of a shared rental (gite, small hotel, mobile home on a campsite) for a more convivial atmosphere, allowing us to enjoy a living room for briefings as well as time to share before and after our flights over a coffee, tea or aperitif!
Accommodation will be in shared rooms. In the morning, we'll share breakfast at the accommodation. For lunch, we will either have done our own shopping (on the basis of a shared till not included in the course price), or we will take advantage of a local restaurant depending on our flight site (to be paid for by each of us directly on site). The evening meals will be free (and not included) to allow us to choose and also to discover the local specialities. For the preparation of breakfasts and lunches if picnics, our trainers will appreciate a little 'helping hand' 🙂

Price per person: 650 euros
Based on a group of 6 to 14 participants (1 or 2 groups)

The fee includes :

- Transport from the Grands Espaces school in Talloires
- Accommodation. Either in a self-catering gîte, small hotel or mobile home on a campsite.
- Breakfast
- Transfers and all local transport in accordance with the defined programme
- Supervision by 2 professional French* paragliding instructors with state qualifications

The price does not include :

- Meals and drinks
- Flying equipment (harnesses, reserves, sails, radios, helmets)
- Personal expenses
- Travel cancellation insurance

The pilot must provide all compulsory insurance required to practice paragliding, as well as his licence validating his ability to fly. Natures du Monde cannot be held responsible for
can in no way be held responsible for any failure to comply with insurance obligations relating to the practice of "Free Flight". Each pilot's flying equipment must be in good working order: recent glider or at least checked and validated by a certified workshop. Folded rescue parachute (<1 year old), paragliding approved helmet. Radio in working order. Other: Valid passport or identity card.
*If the course is "doubled" (more than 7 pilots), there will be two additional instructors.
Our prices (excluding airport taxes and fuel rises) are guaranteed from the moment the number of participants is reached (for this trip 6 pers minimum and 14 pers maximum).

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